Break Free from Slavery to Acceptance

Friends accepting each other

Break Free from Slavery to Acceptance

Are you always afraid of what people might think about you? Because of that, do you withhold yourself from expressing your opinion? And do you often feel insecure and unsure in the company of others? You then most probably long to break free from slavery to acceptance.

I can comfort you. You’re not alone! Many people share those feelings with you. And there are ways to change how you feel. What will I talk about on this blog?

  • The natural need for acceptance
  • Children absorb like a sponge
  • The connection between approval and self-esteem
  • Your ‘programs’ and copied behavior are not your destiny
  • What’s learned can be unlearned
  • Finally break free from slavery to acceptance
  • Get to work and free yourself

Let’s have a look…

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