Freedom of Worries for Stress-Sensitive People

Freedom of Worries - Woman in open space reaching to the sky

Freedom of Worries for Stress-Sensitive People

Freedom of worries is also freedom in mind. In fact, that’s where it all starts! What is freedom if we have everything we need, but without noticing and enjoying it because of gnawing worries?

Our mind is bombarded with information in this day and age. It can prevent you from experiencing freedom when it’s in overdrive and won’t get quiet. That’s why it’s good to remind yourself from time to time to shut down for a while and let go of the noise.

What can help you to experience more freedom of worries? Here are a few tips…

  • Let nature empty your head
  • Don’t watch the news every day
  • Let go 96% of your worries
  • Do your work prompt
  • What about stress and worries at work?
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Freedom Lifestyle Career: How to Create

Before laptop creatively dreaming

How to Create your Freedom Lifestyle Career

I’ve always resisted the thought of working full-time in a job I don’t love. But I don’t mind spending a lot of time doing things I’m really passionate about. How about you? Do you have enough time to do the things you love, often with the people you care about? That’s where a freedom lifestyle career opens doors.

Fortunately, I’ve always found a way to keep a good balance between a secular part-time job and friends, family and my passions. It even became better since I started my education to build an online business. As a result, I became my own happy boss by investing in a ticket to more freedom!

So what are some secrets to creating more freedom in and around your career? Let’s look at some useful tips to create your own freedom lifestyle career.

  • Don’t live to work
  • Set the right priorities
  • Design your own lifestyle
  • Be modest
  • Work from a tablet or laptop
  • Be your own boss online

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Feel Free with Less

Woman dancing in wide field

Feel Free with Less

Almost everyone wants more freedom. Many things limit us in today’s life, so it’s not always easy to change them. Now, this is especially for things over which you have no control. But what about the things you CAN change? How can you feel free with less?

Let’s take a look at 3 things you have in your own hands to feel free with less: 

  1. Declutter
  2. Opt for less choice
  3. Order = peace

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Genuine Freedom: What you Need to Know

Hands breaking free from handcuffs

First Steps to Genuine Freedom

GENUINE FREEDOM. These words make an impression on all of us, doesn’t it? Although it probably means something else for me than it does for you, we all have areas in life where we long to have more freedom and space.

Space and freedom are often related to each other. Take someone’s space away and his freedom will be bound significantly. That’s why people who violate the law end up in prison. After all, they often violated someone else’s freedom and therefore have to pay with their own.

  • So, what is freedom exactly?
  • Could we ever reach ultimate freedom?
  • How much freedom do we need?
  • And what can help us to feel freer?

Let’s take a look at some answers.

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