Freedom and Happiness


Freedom and Happiness - ButterflyMy name is Myriam or Maïté De Vooght. You can use the one you find easier to pronounce. 😉 Both freedom and happiness are important topics for me.

I consider myself a happy and free person, although that hasn’t always been the case. I put happy first because for me it’s even more important than freedom. Why? I think we can be happy without a lot of freedom, but it’s difficult to feel free without happiness.

In fact, it’s how we look at things. Even if we experience a lack of freedom or if it’s taken away from us, we can still FEEL free. How? By the things we focus on in our mind.

Think for a moment about the almost unlimited things you can travel to in your mind and imagination. Can someone ever take that freedom away from you? Now that’s where an exciting new journey begins…

Who am I?

BullLet me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1974 and grew up in two very different families. It wasn’t an easy childhood and emotionally I was pretty much left on my own.

As a teenager, I went through rough times. Without consciously knowing I didn’t feel very happy nor free.

On the other hand, maybe it contributed to my interests and quests in life. Spirituality, creation, and psychology became my passion. I also started to gather more knowledge and deepen my belief in a Grand Creator of our amazing universe. This was my first step to more freedom and happiness.

Turning sick

grasshopperBut it wasn’t all peaches and creme after finding purpose in life. In 2000 I got sick… really sick! It wasn’t until a few years later that my condition received labels like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME. I was forced to stop working and couldn’t even look after myself anymore!

You must know that before losing almost all of my energy, I really overflowed with it. In one previous job application test, my energy level scored above 100% – if that’s even possible! 😄

Besides having a secular (and very stressful) job, and with that energy, I loved to dive into my passions and help friends and other people as a volunteer worker. It gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Bounded by lack of energy

Black Swan

So in fact what depressed me the most in my situation, was the inability to give my time and energy to the people and passions I loved. I had very little left to give.

That especially affected me because one of the principles I try to live by is: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” (Acts 20:35) Losing the ability to give (or just thinking we’ve lost it) can really affect our degree of happiness.

So you can imagine those years were terribly restricting and challenging, but I learned a lot from it. And fortunately, I came out as a new person

A new way of thinking opens doors

It wasn’t in one day though. After consulting doctor after doctor and trying medicine after medicine, I started to look for answers and educate myself. That’s how I came in touch with some powerful techniques and tools to minimize stress and increase well-being (like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, PRI…).

Red moth

A whole new world opened for me. Especially when I discovered quantum physics and epigenetics, I began seeing things on a very different level. I started to dream build and set goals again, after being imprisoned for years in my own golden cage. A life between four walls and a window…

Slowly my window seemed to grow and the view deepened. I rediscovered perspective. Before that, I didn’t see the great view anymore. Suddenly things I saw around me started to change. And they changed in a fascinating way!

It also drew me closer to the immeasurable Mastermind and Wisdom behind all things. I started to see even more levels and purpose behind creation. A beginning of new possibilities that you might think is only a dream

What’s your opinion?

The start of a new adventure


I had to learn to respect and look after myself in a better way. That included learning to know myself, my limitations and my potential better. Something I believe that will never stop as we keep developing and growing. One of the results is gaining more (self)respect and love for human nature and the gift of our precious life.

So in discovering a whole new level of thinking – and thus living – and by working a lot on myself and letting others work on me with different techniques, I got better and better. I started to see new opportunities in life and became a consciousness coach and EFT practitioner.

That’s in a nutshell who I am.

What about you?


If you’re also looking for doors to a life of more well-being, freedom and happiness – on whatever area of your life – I can comfort you… There definitely are ways out! It’s as the old saying goes: “Keep on seeking, and you will find“.

But don’t forget, being coached can be of great help. Sometimes it’s all you need to get on the right track!

Starting YOUR adventure


Imagine filling your life with more happiness and passions, whether that’s doing the things you love, discovering and learning, or just enjoying the company of friends and family. How would your life be like? What would you do?

I would love to help and inspire you to reach your goals and live a life rich in well-being, freedom and happiness! If you have a question you can contact me.

Enjoy the adventure! I wish you all the best with more freedom and happiness!

Freedom and Happiness - Myriam


Myriam Maïté